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Enhance your PrestaShop with the Product Properties Extension module, Multidimensional and Smart Price Plugins

Product Properties Extension module allows you easily create sophisticated shop with features that are not available in the standard PrestaShop installation. It is not just simply one more PrestaShop module. It is an integrated PrestaShop solution. Give your visitors a unique user experience to buy exactly what they want and how they want. Emphasize your products with unique properties by using different product templates and boost your sales.
The Product Properties Extension is an engine that required for PS&More solutions to work. Other PS&More modules are plugins that extend the Product Properties Extension functionality and add more features. You need the plugins only if you need these additional features.

The Product Properties Extension plugin adds an ability to display additional information and activity elements on category, new products, popular products, best sellers, search results and other pages that display a product list. The plugin allows specifying certain Product Properties Extension module template properties individually for each product in the back office, making the configuration more flexible. The property explicitly specified for the product overrides the template property.

The Multidimensional plugin allows to specify additional characteristics to products, such as height, width, length, depth and others. The plugin uses these additional characteristics (or dimensions) to calculate the resulting order quantity and price. Using the plugin you can sell products by square, perimeter, volume, etc.
The Multidimensional plugin comes in three versions: Basic, Pro and Premium. The Pro and Premium versions add an additional functionality to the plugin.

The Smart Price plugin allows to specify rules that affect the product price calculations. You can also add quantity and price dependent explanations for the customer, making the shopping experience more attractive. The Smart Price plugin has a rich set of built-in configuration options and rules. It also allows user defined expressions and customization, giving endless possibilities for complex price calculations.
The Smart Price plugin comes in two versions: Basic and Pro. The Pro version adds an additional functionality to the plugin.

Browse through the PS&More demo and see how the Product Properties Extension changes your store. Review different categories to explore more products and styles.

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