This category demonstrates Products Properties Extension multidimensional feature.

The PS&More PrestaShop Product Properties Extension Multidimensional plugin adds an additional functionality to the Product Properties Extension module. The plugin allows to specify additional characteristics to the products, such as height, width, length, depth and others. The plugin uses these additional characteristics (or dimensions) to calculate the resulting order quantity and a price. Using the plugin, you can sell products by square, perimeter, volume, etc.

See the extended elements that allow to specify different dimension for the product. Explore how different dimensions affect quantities and price. Review different products to learn more.

The Multidimensional plugin comes in three versions: Basic, Pro and Premium. The Multidimensional plugin Pro and Premium versions add an additional functionality to the plugin.

Note: to use this feature the multidimensional plugin (sold separately) is required.

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Sight Protection Films

Sight Protection Films

€15.00 per m2