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Sunblock Curtains


(€26.90 per m2)

Enter the measurements of the curtain: Width min 20 cm - max 300 cm, Height min 20 cm - max 300 cm.
The width you indicate is the total width of the roller, including its supports. The fabric will be 5cm less: 2,5 cm less on each side.

  • See Product Properties Extension explanations in the Description block below.
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    See other examples for the Smart Price plugin and the multidimensional plugin.

The price depends on the curtain size and the accessories chosen. Customer specifies two dimensions: width and height. The square is calculated by the multidimensional plugin.
The fabrics options are PrestaShop combinations with different prices per m2 based on the fabric. The module correctly calculated the price based on the price per m2 and the curtain square size.
Other accessories options add constant values to the price that are not dependent on the curtain square. These options cannot be created as PrestaShop combinations. They are managed by the multidimensional plugin. The cost added by these accessories calculated and shown by the Smart Price plugin.

Learn more about the configurations and features used in this example.

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