Laser Acrylic Flex Plates
  • Laser Acrylic Flex Plates

Laser Acrylic Flex Plates


Laser Acrylic Flex 0.8 mm bi-layer sheets.

Color: mirror silver, black engraving

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    See other examples for the multidimensional plugin.

This product demonstrates a smart stock management when using the Products Properties Extension with multidimensional features.

The product stock maintained in units of 1200x600 mm sheets. A customer can order any number of sheets of the predefined sizes. Each size represented in the module as part of the whole unit. For example, 600x300 mm sheet is 0.25 of the whole unit.

When the customer makes an order the stock deducted based on the number of purchased sheets and the size. For example, while ordering three sheets of 600x300 mm the stock deducted by 3 * 0.25 = 0.75.

The module uses special configuration to hide these technical details from the customer and only show the whole number of purchased sheets and the size.

Learn more about the configurations and features used in this example.

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