Sight Protection Films
  • Sight Protection Films

Sight Protection Films

€15.00 per m2
price €30.00
price €30.00 (tax excl.)
price €30.00 (tax incl.)

Sight protection on PVC films using our own unique photographs.

square: 0.5 m2
Minimum order 2 m2.
Material: PVC solid 500g/sq.m

  • See Product Properties Extension explanations in the Description block below.
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    See other examples for the multidimensional plugin.

This product demonstrates Products Properties Extension multidimensional feature. The product is sold in square meters. Customer specifies two dimensions: length and height. The square and the price are calculated based on the dimensions specified. Special message is displayed for user explaining the trading policy. Any number of different explanation messages can be defined.

This example uses restrictions for minimum and maximum dimensions and also the "quantity step" increments for dimensions. Length can be only ordered in 0,5 m increments and height in 0,1 m. Try to enter different dimensions and see how they are rounded to meet the order requirements.

To ensure the minimum order of 2 m2 the "quantity threshold for minimum price" parameter is set to 2.

Learn more about the configurations and features used in this example.

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