Foam-PVC Prints
  • Foam-PVC Prints

Foam-PVC Prints

Foam-PVC (Foamex) prints, 3mm or 5mm thick, matt or gloss laminated, single or double sided.
Extra options: 5mm Fioamex panel may be edge wrapped or Velcro may be applied to reverse.
square: 1 m2
Foamex Thickness: 3mm Thick - Single Sided
Lamination: Matt / Satin Lamination

  • See Product Properties Extension explanations in the Description block below.
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    See other examples for the multidimensional plugin.

This product demonstrates Products Properties Extension multidimensional feature. The product is sold in square meters. Customer specifies two dimensions: length and height in millimeters. The square and the price are calculated based on the dimensions specified. The calculated price is displayed in place of the product price (special display mode).

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