Climbing Rope
  • Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope

€1.20 per m
price €0.12
price €0.12 (tax excl.)
price €0.12 (tax incl.)

Durable, abrasion resistant sheath coupled climbing rope with ability to clip easily.


  • See Product Properties Extension explanations in the Description block below.
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    See other examples for the multidimensional plugin.

This example demonstrates Products Properties Extension multidimensional feature.

The product uses the single dimension to specify the length of the rope. The customer can buy several ropes of the same length at once by specifying the quantity.

This is the alternative configuration for products sold by length. See also the example "Climbing Rope" in "Sports & Outdoors" that uses the general configuration.

In this example the minimum rope length is set to 10 cm and the maximum rope length is set to 5 m.

Learn more about the configurations and features used in this example.

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