Parquet in packs
  • Parquet in packs

Parquet in packs

€17.90 per m2

(€19.33 per pack)

price €19.33
price €19.33 (tax excl.)
price €19.33 (tax incl.)

Parquet comes in different sizes and are sold in the packs. Choose the size and the number of packs and check the total square covered.

pack size 1.08 m2
Square 1.08 m2

total square covered

The total square shows the total area that can be covered by the flooring for the number of packs/boxes/cartons chosen.

Parquet size: 30x120 cm

  • See Product Properties Extension explanations in the Description block below.
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Waste Factor. Having Extras on Hand.

For the most part, straight lay installations would use a 5% waste factor by professionals. However, if you get into larger layouts and there are many parallel wall lines the waste factor should be increased to 7-10% especially with wider material. The same would hold true of many 45º or other irregular wall lines.

The safest waste percentage would be 10%. It's also better to have a few boxes on hand in case of repairs that may be needed down the road. With prefinished hardwood floors, lines are discontinued now and then, or the manufacturer has changed the way they mill the product. Finding matching material often becomes impossible.

This product demonstrates an ability of the Products Properties Extension multidimensional plugin Pro to use attributes for area and price calculations.

In this example the price and the quantity in stock are managed in packs, not in square meters.

This product uses the Smart Price plugin Pro to calculate and display the cuts and wastage cost.
If you do not use the cuts and wastage, you do not need the Smart Price plugin Pro for this example.

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