Munich Malt
  • Munich Malt

Munich Malt

€2.70 per kg

2-Row Munich-style malt. This European-style malt is a full, rich-flavored malt for a clean, malty flavor.

Great for bocks!


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This example demonstrates usage of “user defined customizations” feature in the Smart Price plugin.

The product price depends on the weight based on the rules below. Price for any intermediate weight between the boundaries is calculated in proportional manner in user-defined function.
The Smart Price plugin recalculates and displays a price per kg depending on the weight.
Pay attention that the correct price per kg, or unit price, is also displayed in the shopping cart, in the order and invoices.
Choosing different currencies changes the base price based on the currency rates and still keeps the correct proportional manner in the price calculations.

0.5 kg 2.70 €
5 kg 10.60 €
25 kg and above 27.00 €
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